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What Does Relaxed Parenting Look Like?

Here are some thoughts on the role of a parent in a progressive school like Brainworks School.

Relaxed parenting, supporting your child in a progressive school, raising independent children

Are you a permissive parent, authoritarian parent or authoritative parent?

  • Permissive parents totally fail to set limits or to require appropriate behavior.

  • Authoritarian parents are unresponsive to children’s wishes; are inflexible and harsh in controlling their child's behavior.

  • BRAINWORKS parents are authoritative, nurturing, responsive, and supportive while able to set firm limits for their children.

Relaxed parents do the following:

Tip #1 - Brainworks Parents prepare their children for college and for life.

We do this by teaching our child to follow a schedule, follow directions, work independently and work with other learners. We do not do their child's homework or schoolwork just so that the child can get high grades. We teach them responsibility through house chores and life skills. Brainworks Parents are supportive but relaxed because the skills that matter are the skills needed in college and in adult life in a changing world.

Tip #2 - Brainworks Parents teach their children to communicate and express their ideas respectfully.

The four language skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Give your children a lot of opportunities to practice these skills at home and with family and friends. Mathematics is also a form of communication and involves communication. If you are worried about math, reading, and writing skills, seek the help of professionals or therapists who can do the job of teaching because they are trained to help children who have difficulties in these areas.

"Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” — Paul J. Meyer.
"Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.” — Catherine Pulsifer.
"Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” — Theo Gold.

Tip #3 - Brainworks Parents attend parent conferences and student-led conferences.

These conferences give you an opportunity to communicate with your child's teachers, advisers and school principal. Take advantage of this time by being punctual and fully present to hear the strengths and weaknesses of your child, and setting realistic expectations with the school.

Tip #4 - Brainworks Parents recognize the multiple intelligences of their children.

Each child is unique. Each child has strengths and weaknesses. Is your child number smart, word smart, picture smart, body smart, music smart, nature smart, self smart or people smart? Cooperate with the school by discovering and nurturing the unique talents and multiple intelligences of your child.

Tip #5 - Brainworks Parents support their child's activities but are not overly involved nor hovering parents.

Families support their child's activities by providing the time and materials for such activities but the parents do not do the homework, project, or activity for the child. Brainworks Parents watch their children grow and develop independently and prepare to be amazed by the unique gifts of their child.

Be a true Brainworks Parent. Keep calm, breathe and relax.

Trust your child to grow and develop in a progressive environment that gives him or her the personalized attention that s/he deserves and needs.

We at Brainworks are grateful that we remained strong through the pandemic and are able to sustain our philosophy and small population even after the pandemic. We are grateful for the grace to thrive for 25 academic years. Contact us to discover our philosophy and approaches.


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