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Intervention and Education through Remote Teaching during the Pandemic 2020

Brainworks School and Teacher Red Educational Therapy centers have been offering assessment, intervention and educational services through remote teaching since May 4, 2020. At first, many parents were resistant to the idea. They preferred face-to-face classes. As the days and weeks went by, more and more teachers and parents were impressed by the results that our online sessions have produced. The more that we pushed on with our new mode of delivery, the greater was our amazement that in spite of the distance between teacher and student, true progress was being achieved.

How do we continue to help our learners improve their skills? Personalized attention is key. We reach out to the parents and the students and communicate with them. Many of our sessions are like conversations where teachers listen closely to the students and respond to the insights and feelings expressed. In spite of the crisis, our program was able to adapt as we brought the essentials of our reading, writing and math components to Powerpoint presentations and delivered those same personalized lessons to the home screens of our students with the same passion and dedication we had in our face-to-face sessions.

We do not know when the pandemic and quarantines will end. But the learning never stops in Brainworks School and Teacher Red Educational Therapy Services.

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