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Our history

Welcome to our new website. We hope we can be of service to you. But before that, we want you to know that we have been offering this service for a very long time. This post talks about my work with individual students. In my future posts, I will talk more about Brainworks School and our progressive educational system.

My work with different kinds of learners started in Cainta, Rizal when after graduating from UP Diliman with a degree in Special Education, I started to work with children with special educational needs in a one-on-one after-school program in my own home as well as in the homes of some students. During that time, I was working in a school for hearing-impaired children and started to wonder about how can I further help them with their reading development. The program was informally called The Reading Corner and its initial logo was that of a bookshelf. Since then, the name of the service has changed from The Reading Corner to The Reading Clinic in early 1998. We then registered it with Department of Trade and Industry as RRA Reading Clinic when we moved to Davao City in 1998. Finally, we registered the center as Teacher Red Educational Therapy Services. Our logo has changed a few times too. From working alone as a reading specialist from my home, I have been fortunate to train other like-minded professionals and our services have expanded to two centers in Luzon, one center in the Visayas and three centers in Mindanao. However, as from the very start, our center continues to offer only individualized sessions to ensure that each learner is given personalized attention and that each student develops, succeeds and eventually graduates from our program. We begin with assessment to see the abilities and level of the child in basic skill areas. We then proceed to design an individualized educational plan for the student and implement the program using materials and methods that address the particular student's needs. This simple system has worked for 28 years. We hope that more parents and students can benefit from our services around the Philippines!

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