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Enroll your child in a progressive educational program at Brainworks School - multiage, multi-sensory and multiple intelligences activities.

Our Mission

is to educate parents, teachers and young people in a community that fosters wholeness, creativity and competence

We focus on Character Development in a small community setting.
We promote Success in Reading and Mathematics.
We develop Confidence in Speaking, Writing, Research and Presentations.
We encourage children to think, create, communicate and collaborate.

Modern Architecture

Team Brainworks

Caring and Competent Educational Leaders

Jing and Rachel Amparo


Brainworks Founders

Kim Red Amparo

kim 2022.jpg

Brainworks Davao Director

Roy and Ping Red


Brainworks Cainta Directors


Syren Diaz Digal

Brainworks Davao Principal 


Ronmay Duarna Relopez

Brainworks Davao Finance Head

Cindy J. Alfeche

Brainworks Libby 

Campus Director

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 7.00.56 PM.png

Teacher Annabelle Ausa

Brainworks Davao 

Grade School Coordinator


Teacher Gem Dumapias

Brainworks Davao 

High School Coordinator

Some of our Graduates

At Brainworks, we invest time in teaching our students to do research, write reports, make presentations, and craft their own projects. Our first batch of high school graduates went to college in 2011. Some of our graduates are now pilots, business owners, bank employees, artists, nurses, chefs. Where ever they may be, they are working their way up, succeeding in life and making a difference.

Einram Odron.jpg

Graduate, Marketing Management, Ateneo de Davao University

Alpapara Jer.jpg

Political Science,
De La Salle University

Law School,

Ateneo de Davao University

Elorza, Jan.jpg

Licensed Pharmacist and Physician, 

San Pedro College

Davao Medical School Foundation

Konst Nikko.jpg

Licensed Pilot

Einram Odron

YASY 2.jpg

Graduate, Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management, International School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management, Cebu

Yasy Regis

Jericho Alpapara

Nikki Ruste.jpg

Graduate, Medical Laboratory Science, San Pedro College

Nikki Ruste

Jan Elorza

kim amparo.jpg

Graduate, Philosophy,

St. Francis Xavier College Seminary

School Director, 

Brainworks Davao

Kim Amparo

Nikko Konst

Patricia Soledad.jpg

DOP Dance Crew, Virginia Tech, USA

Pat Soledad

and some more

Konst Alex.jpg

Licensed Occupational Therapist,

University of Santo Tomas, Manila

Alex Konst

Robin Ramos.jpg

Culinary Management, Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Robin Ramos

shanti march 2017 2.jpg

Digital Artist,

Graduate 3D Sense, Singapore


BA English,
Creative Writing,
University of the Philippines Mindanao

Shanti Amparo



Psychology, San Pedro College

Meg Vilela

Macrohon Anna.jpg

Graduate, BS Nursing,
Ateneo de Davao University

gaby munda.jpg

College of St. Benilde, Manila

Anna Macrohon

Moira profile.jpg

Graduate, Psychology, San Pedro College

Moira Dumagan

Gaby Munda

joseph garcia.jpg

Graduate, Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. Far Eastern University, Makati

Christian Garcia

What We Do

Learner-centered educational practices


Assessment and Evaluation

We give students a strong foundation in English communication skills and in Mathematics.

Group of Colored Pencils

One-on-one ONLINE and FACE-TO-FACE educational therapy

Our program is personalized and uniquely designed to suit the learner's needs and goals.

Go Team

Community and Collaboration

We work with parents and families to achieve the personal goals of each learner. The learners learn to live in community, develop good character and collaborate with others - thus, making a difference, because happy children turn into happy adults that turn the world into a better place.

Live and Learn

Our School Activities

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